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The “Memories Archive: Back in ’45”

The “Memories Archive: Back in ’45” is another part of the From D-Day to V-Day project. The basic philosophy behind the project, which the City of Pilsen has organized in cooperation with Patton Memorial Pilsen, was to symbolically link the beginning and the end of the Allied forces’ journey as they liberated the European continent at the end of World War II. The name of the project symbolizes the Allies’ journey from D-Day (Normandy landings on June 6, 1944) to V-Day (victory day – liberation of Pilsen on May 6, 1945).

The project named ‘The Memories Archive: Back in ’45’ will start on April 1, 2012. Its aim is to gather and record stories, experiences and fateful meetings that took place and are connected with at the end of World War II in western Bohemia. A story is understood to be a recorded authentic recollection from the end of World War II that either tells of your own experience or one you heard about. It should be in the form of a video, audio recording or written text with photos.

People can upload their stories online at, email it or mail it directly to the organizer (Chartered City of Pilsen, OPM-Marketing Department, MMP, nám. Republiky 1, 306 32 Plzeň, Czech Republic – write ARCHIV VZPOMÍNEK on the envelope). Submissions will be regularly posted at the website and in selected media at the organizer’s discretion. Participants can send in an unlimited number of stories. 

The “Memories Archive: Back in ’45” project will continue until the end of April 2013.

Detailed rules for making submissions (DOC, 52 kB)