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16. 5. 2016

Thank you, America! Goodbye, Pilsen. End of Liberation Festival 2016

The four-day Liberation Festival in Pilsen ends, according to estimates of the organizers and security forces it attracted between 40 and 50 thousand people from Thursday to Sunday. The greatest success among the events was definitely the Saturday Ride of Freedom when the column with 13 belgian and american veterans came to say hello to a total of nearly ten thousand citizens of Plzeň and visitors to the city. The organizers witnessed a great response also by the competition for families “From Normandy to Pilsen“ and the cultural program highlight the Saturday's concert of Marta Kubišová, which was applauded in the central square by roughly 3.5 thousand visitors. "Crowds reaching… More informations
2. 5. 2016

Military camps will offer military historical technique

The preparation of the Liberation Festival program involved a number of military clubs, which will present the historical equipment, vehicles, weapons and life in the camps to the public. At several localities in Plzeň military camps will be built in which those interested can take a sneak peak. The Program will take place in the space behind the river behind OC Plzeň Plaza, in the Pobřežní street at Peklo cultural house, in Křižíkovy sady and in the Bolevecká náves in the days from the 6th to 8th of May. As in previous years many military historical camps will arise in the military camp area behind the commercial centre of Plzeň Plaza where visitors will see the equipment and armament… More informations
2. 5. 2016

Instead of the canceled battle there will be demonstrations of historical equipment

Cancellation of Sunday's battle will not deprive the public of a chance to experience the spectacle of the military historical technique. This will take place throughout the three days of the festivities in the camps in Proluka and behind OC Plzeň Plaza. On Sunday, May 8, the technique should have participated in fight demonstrations, and therefore the technique from the camp in Proluka will be to be seen in the parking lot under DEPO 2015, which provides enough space for its dynamic presentation. People will see the American historical military vehicles such as Jeep, Ford, Dodge, CMC, M3 Halftrack and M8 Greyhound and dozens of members of the military clubs will present themselves there.… More informations
2. 5. 2016

Veterans, the most precious guests of the Liberation Festival will go through Pilsen on jeeps

Convoy of two dozens of jeeps, which will carry the american and belgian veterans of the second world war, accompanied by several cars of larger historical military technology is one of the novelties of this year's Celebrations of Liberty . The so-called Path of freedom, or the Ride of Freedom will replace, in this non-anniversal year, the Convoy of Liberty and will be held on Saturday the 7th of May. In several places in Pilsen people will have a chance to say hello to the most precious guests of the celebration of the liberation, among which not to miss, belongs for example, Earl Ingram, Robert Gilbert or George Thompson. Ride of Freedom will be departing from the square of the Republic… More informations
2. 5. 2016

The main commemorative act of the Liberation Festival will take place at the monument to general G. S. Patton

The main commemorative act, dedicated to the liberation of Pilsen by the American army to take place this year in the area near the monument to general G. S. Patton below the Great theatre. The reason for this is poor technical condition of both granite pylons in the “Thank you, America!“ monument on the corner of Americká and Klatovská streets. Commemorative act will take place in the traditional time, on Friday 6th of May starting at 4 p.m. More informations
7. 4. 2016

Liberation Festival Pilsen 2016: Program completed!

We present you the complete program of the Liberation Festival Pilsen 2016. More informations
2. 3. 2016

We present you the program of Liberation Festival Pilsen 2016

We published the first draft of the program of Liberation Festival Pilsen for this year. We will continuously update it. More informations
22. 2. 2016

Liberation Festival Pilsen 2016

Spring is approaching and for the city of Pilsen is traditionally starting a period of intensive preparation of the program of Pilsen Liberation Festival, which this year will be held 5 to 8 May 2016. This year we attempt to create an interesting and attractive program again. You will enjoy traditional events such as memorial ceremonies and military camps, and also the news, for example in the form of cooperation with the Terezín Initiative Institute on the project Jom ha-Shoa - Day of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust, which this time will take place also in Pilsen. The final military program of this year's Liberation Festival Pilsen is currently negotiating with various historical… More informations
16. 2. 2016

Memorial brochure Liberation Festival Pilsen 2015

Memorial brochure Liberation Festival Pilsen 2015For those who want to recall the unique atmosphere of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Pilsen by the US Army, which was organized by the city last year, we have prepared a commemorative brochure Pilsen Liberation Festival 2015 with a number of photos, including American and Belgian veterans who visited Pilsen during celebrations. The brochure is accompanied by a DVD with two films which document the program of celebrations and especially the festive evening from Normandy to Pilsen or D-Day+334 - a tribute to the liberators. On the DVD also features a TV spot, which was filmed in occasion of celebrations. More informations
8. 9. 2015

Photos from Liberation Festival Pilsen 2015

We have received a link to a photo album of Mr. Strogoff from the celebration of 70th anniversary of the liberation of Pilsen by US Army. If you also have interesting photos from the celebrations and want to share with the others, please send them to and we'll publish on this site. More informations
17. 6. 2015

We are preparing a commemorative film dedicated to celebration the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Pilsen by the US Army

Due to the great interest in this year's Liberation Festival, which took place in Pilsen on the 70th anniversary of the liberation by the US Army, we are preparing a commemorative DVD with footage of major events, including the celebration booklet with photographs. DVD with English subtitles will be for sale in the autumn of 2015 and its availability we will be duly informed. More informations
16. 6. 2015

Patton Memorial Pilsen has another valuable piece to exhibit

Patton Memorial Pilsen has another valuable piece to exhibitThe latest exhibit of the Patton Memorial Pilsen is a canvas with the theme of the Pilsen heraldic sign, state flags together with thirteen signatures of American Veterans, who took part in this year's jubilee Liberation Festival. The Museum placed it on a wall decorated with already dozens of signatures of all veterans who have visited the place since 2005. Canvas was donated by the first Deputy Mayor Martin Baxa, who got it from Doug Lavioletta, the President of the American Foundation, which annually grants the General Patton scholarship to the successful students of Pilsen. More informations
15. 6. 2015

Pilsen and the celebrations of the liberation in the Czech Republic and around the world - international news

Also in the foreign media writes about the celebrations of the liberation of Pilsen and that here and throughout the Czech Republic took place More informations
15. 6. 2015

Students thank veterans

Students thank veteransOn Tuesday, May 5, in the framework of the Liberation Festival Pilsen 2015, took place a discussion with veterans and students of Pilsen schools. There participated about 600 students of the 8th and 9th of elementary schools grades and 1st and 2nd years of secondary schools. The discussion had an incredible atmosphere, thanks to catching narration of the men who in 1945 brought us freedom. The children were impressed and they took a lot of initiative for the thinking. See for yourself, we bring you here several reactions of them and their teachers... More informations
30. 4. 2015

In Pilsen settles first military technology

Dřevěná Str. in the city center and other places begin to be full of army historical techniques. Among the biggest pieces belongs the tank destroyer M36 Jackson from Military History Institute Prague. More informations
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