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Military camps will offer military historical technique

The preparation of the Liberation Festival program involved a number of military clubs, which will present the historical equipment, vehicles, weapons and life in the camps to the public. At several localities in Plzeň military camps will be built in which those interested can take a sneak peak. The Program will take place in the space behind the river behind OC Plzeň Plaza, in the Pobřežní street at Peklo cultural house, in Křižíkovy sady and in the Bolevecká náves in the days from the 6th  to 8th of May.  As in previous years many military historical camps will arise in the military camp area behind the commercial centre of Plzeň Plaza where visitors will see the equipment and armament of the American army camp of the 17th  airborne division or a makeshift encampment of the retreating wehrmacht from Prague. In the compartment more armies will be introduced and on the other hand in Křižíkovy sady people will be able to enjoy the great full encampment of the American army, just like in 1945.


A show of the camp of the current U.S. Army, the exposure of the US infantry or the training track awaits those interested in the Camp of the Raiders in Pobřežní street. Križíkovy sady and Bolevecká náves will become the background for the Plzeň 1945 project . In the heart of the city, people will see the presentation of the contemporary military camp of the American 16th  armored division from May 1945. Functioning camp, field workshops and diverse military equipment fills favorite Pilsen spot. A glimpse into the life of a soldier of American 2nd  infantry division and the life of the civilian population will be made possible to visitors to the celebration in the military camp in Bolevec. Also military staff will be on display,  field dressing station, a station of the military police and more. Military program is complemented by a cultural program and the ordinary civilian life of the Pilsen citizens and their coexistence with american soldiers after the liberation of the city will be presented. The complete program is available on