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Audience moved by veterans at City Hall

Thunderous applause, hugs, and tears of joy from seeing each other after so many years all marked the start of the U.S. veterans meeting at City Hall in Pilsen. Most of the veterans in the hall that day were among those who brought freedom to Pilsen in 1945. Now, 67 years later, they met up with a number of people who also witnessed those days of May in the final year of World War II.
“Every year these meetings become more and more emotional and leave a deep impression on us,” Patricie Kraftová, who has guided the veterans for many years now, said at the meeting. Most of the veterans are now in their nineties; the oldest, Robert Gilbert, is already 97. Ninety-four year old Steven Mason met his love from 1945, Marta, at the ceremonial hall.
After about a one-hour talk, the veterans signed autographs for the audience.