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Flag from veteran´s funeral procession to remain in Pilsen

When the veterans visited the General Patton Museum this afternoon, the museum was presented with a folded American flag in a triangle display case. Those present did not hide their emotion as it contained the flag from the funeral procession of John Del Santo, one of the US soldiers who liberated Pilsen in 1945. John passed away in November and the veteran’s son, John, brought the flag to the museum.

“This is a huge honor not only for our museum, but for the entire city. Everyone who ever had the opportunity to meet John will always remember him as a smiling, kind man. We will never forget him,” said museum curators Ivan Rollinger and Milan Jíša. The flag will occupy an honored place among the Pilsen military museum exhibits.

During their visit to the museum, the U.S. veterans signed their names on the “Wall of Fame.” The wall has been at Patton Memorial Pilsen since the museum opened in 2005, and it bears the signatures of all veterans who have visited the museum since then.