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iTag trail also available at Liberation Festival

Are you standing in front of a World War II monument and want to learn more about it? Would you like to know what the schedule for Republic Square is during this year’s festival? Are you planning on visiting several memorial sites and want to use public transportation? If so, the iTag trail is just for you. New to this year’s Liberation Festival, the cutting-edge iTag system will provide you with all the information you’re looking for. To use the system you just need a camera phone with Internet access and a QR code reader (or a phone that supports NFC technology).

The City of Pilsen organized the “Liberation Festival” iTag trail in cooperation with PMDP, a.s., Pilsen’s public transportation company. Information placards featuring a QR code and NFC chip are posted at each of the twelve sites on the “Liberation Festival” trail. To scan a QR code, you need a standard camera phone with Internet access and a QR code reader app. After reading the code, the phone displays the location’s website and information about the monument. If your phone supports Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, it’s even easier to get information. Simply hold your phone near the placard and the information you need about the location will pop up automatically.

“The code provides the visitor with information about the place where they are located. For the ‘Liberation Festival’ trail, nine sites offer details on memorials commemorating the end of World War II. The remaining three sites provide an overview of events people can visit during the celebration of the city’s liberation on the first weekend of May,” explains Deputy Mayor Eva Herinková. In cooperation with Pilsen’s public transportation authority, the iTags will also offer information about how to travel to each site by public transportation.
Visitors can store the information they download at each site for later use,
and can return to the information and work with it any time. The iTag placards are always located on signposts or lampposts near the memorials. Available in English and Czech, the Pilsen iTag trail may also attract foreign tourists. The iTags will be installed at the individual sites on May 3 and will remain at the memorials even after the festival ends.

Individual stops on the “Liberation Festival” iTag trail

1. Patton Memorial Pilsen, Pobřežní Street
2. 16th Armored Division memorial, Memorial dedicated to Czechoslovak soldiers, Husova Street
3. Thank you, America! memorial
4. 2nd Infantry Division Memorial, Chodské Square
5. Monument to the Victims of World War II and Fallen Czechoslovak and Allied Aviators, náměstí Míru
6. U.S. Sherman tank, Pilsen zoo, Pod Vinice 9
7. Memorial Plaque dedicated to pilots, Habrmann Square
8. Memorial to fallen U.S. aviators and citizens of Křimice, Pilsen – Křimice
9. Memorial to American Airmen, Pilsen – Litice
10. Liberation Festival 2012 program, park behind the Plaza shopping mall
11. Liberation Festival 2012 program, Proluka site, Křižíkovy sady park
12. Liberation Festival 2012 program, Republic Square