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Křimice residents remember victims of World Wars I and II

At a memorial service held on Saturday, April 21, Křimice residents remembered the victims of World Wars I and II. The names of those killed are inscribed on three memorials near one another on the village green and recall the strength and bravery these people demonstrated in their actions.

“The people we recall today were not given the chance to live. But through their deaths, they helped us live. They died so that our grandparents, parents, and finally we could live. More and more years are separating us from their death and much has happened in the meantime. Shortly after we won our freedom, we lost it again for many long years. I think that the entire time we were not free, the hope lived on that one day we would get rid of the oppression. And we carried this hope within us from the people who perished in the world wars. I know that at times it looked as though everything was futile, and many people gave up their desire for freedom. But even if just one person held this hope, it made sense. Despite the increasing number of years since both wars, time makes the sense of their sacrifice all the more clear. Without them, we would not have won the freedom we have today,” Mayor Martin Baxa said in his address. The mayor and Deputy Mayor Eva Herinková both attended the memorial ceremony.