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"Liberate Pilsen" game for brave students has started!

Get tanks into the city center, clear the city of the last fascists, and liberate prisoners – as well as make it through basic training and prove your first aid skills. The brave student contestants in the third annual “Liberate Pilsen,” a game that lets participants personally experience the final days of World War II and will soon be underway, will have to be able to perform all these tasks. The finals are included in this year’s celebration of the liberation of Pilsen by the US Army.

“Students in grades 8 through 11 can sign up to participate in the game. Five-member teams can start to register at the contest’s official website on April 1,” Hana Reitspiesová from the Municipality of Pilsen’s marketing department explains. Students interested in registering for the game can do so at the competition website until April 25. In the first round each team must make it through a test of their knowledge about World War II, the liberation of Pilsen and the Liberation Festival.
The ten teams with the most points after the first round will advance to the second and final round. “A list of the top ten teams, the finalists, will be published on the game website on April 27,” adds Reitspiesová.

In the closing competition scheduled for Saturday, May 5, as part of the Liberation Festival program, the finalists will compete in rafting and barricade building. All of the tasks lead to a single goal – to “Liberate Pilsen!”