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Liberate Pilsen has a winner!

The winner of the “Liberate Pilsen” game is T. G. Masaryk Legion, repeating their victory from last year. The team was led by commander Ondřej Kovařík, and the privates were David Le, Jan Hajžman, Nguyen Huy Hai, and Martin Saidl. The students received the General Patton helmet challenge cup, and as the grand prize they all get to visit the U.S. base in Grafenwöhr, Bavaria.
Ten five-member teams, predominantly from schools in Pilsen, qualified for the competition. First the students had to apply their knowledge in an online entrance exam. After this, a real battle broke out behind the Plaza shopping mall as everyone had to particularly prove they were able to work as a team. In several disciplines, the students pitted their strengths against each other in speed, endurance, and other physically challenging skills. In the morning the tasks mainly focused on basic military training, including shooting from a BB gun, carrying injured people on stretchers, throwing a grenade at a target, belly crawling, and crossing a river on rafts.

In the afternoon the students followed in the footsteps of Col Noble and headed for Republic Square. One of the assignments was to get their tanks into the center and clear last Nazis out of the city. They also broke spy codes and liberated prisoners. The final assignment, ‘General Patton’s suitcase,’ tested their ability to think on their feet.

When the winner was officially announced at Republic Square on Saturday, the winning team received their prizes from Pilsen Mayor Martin Baxa, Deputy Mayor Eva Herinková, Czech Minister of Justice Jiří Pospíšil, and Lt Col Slavomír Tomčák from the Czech Armed Forces.

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