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Military camps will offer a variety of military parade this year

This year's celebration program builds on the good experience of previous years, a large-scale investment projects and improvements of Křižíkovy Sady park in the city center but forced the organizers to make some changes. Some of the traditional places of contemporary camps presentation in the city center will be moved to the area by Lochotín amphitheater next to the entrance to the zoo. The new space will offer visitors a new experience - the area will make the presentation of large amounts of heavy and period armor possible - from the legendary jeeps through trucks, armored reconnaissance wheeled vehicles, tracking armored vehicles, motorcycles to a unique piece of art - salvage and repair tractor Ward la France, which will be in Bohemia for the first time.
Contemporary American camp of the 16th Armored Division and the Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Army will cover the area by the amphitheater with the examples of everyday military life - from morning excersise, dispensing food, serial exercise or leisure time activities ( eg, baseball or boxing ), of course all with expert commentary. Organizers will use the neighborhood of zoo, which prepares guided tours to the “underground“ including the stop at the launched Sherman tank. “Kilometrovka“ track will link this space for walking to the area behind Plaza.
And another military program in the space behind the commercial center Plaza will be ready. Military history clubs will build period military camps there – e.g. a historic camp describing the emergence of the U.S. Army or for instance a makeshift camp of the retreating Wehrmacht from Prague. Visitors will not be able to only see the historic military technology but also try to ride in jeeps or on horseback on their own, they can also visit the air- soft shooting range for children. It will be located in Regi Base Camp II which every year reminds our and allied troops of NATO alliance in Afghanistan or Iraq. Its name pays tribute to Czech veteran George REGI Schams, who suffered serious injuries from a battle. Participation in the camp behind the commercial center Plaza is also promised by Hummer center. It will bring three different pieces of HMMWV vehicles, popularly known as Humvee . The exhibition will be on Saturday and Sunday at Plaza. The vehicles will conclude Convoy of Remembrance .

There will be almost twenty interesting places in which those interested may stop and inspect a military camp or an exhibition. Among the new features there will be Hourglass - camp in the jungle on the border of North Vietnam from the Vietnam War or the so-called " bluecoats " - the first single U.S. military. It was founded at the end of the war of the North and the South, the United States was again united and throughout the Union there was only one army. The " Bluecoats " were its most elegant component. Behind Plaza a cavalry ( cavalry ) can be seen with a ride on horseback! The organizers will try to draw visitors into an action also in other camps because the program will be largely interactive.
Behind Plaza a rich cultural program with competitions for children and other activities will take place, including the presentation of the Metropolitan Police and Pilsen Scouts.

A checkpoint of current U.S. Army - Checkpoint Raiders – shall appear in front of the Pilsen Patton Memorial in the cultural house Peklo - with guided tours every hour on the hour. On Saturday a discussion with World War II veterans at the Great Hall of Peklo will be held together with an authogram session, on Sunday collectors of military relics will meet in Peklo on Militaria Exchange.