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Program of the Liberation Festival 2014 is ready!

Festival of Liberty 2014 will start on Friday, May 2, by the military history clubs . Program for the Plaza commercial center offers not only historical examples of military technology and demonstration of the life in military camps before now, but will also allow visitors to ride jeeps or on horseback and for the children to try air-soft shooting range. Behind Plaza there is a rich cultural program with competitions and other activities prepared for children including the presentation of the Plzeň city police.

Checkpoint Peklo Raiders, checkpoint of current U.S. Army, with guided tours every hour can be found in front of the Patton Memorial Pilsen in the community center. In the space below Lochotínský amphitheater the U.S. 16th Armored Division and the Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Army camp of the period will be pitched with demonstrations of military life and exhibitions of heavy armor and contemporary equipment of the Second World War.

In the evening at 20.30, a unique large-format projection in the open air succeeds the sounds of jazz rhythms at the Republic Square. The movie shown will be the General Patton film directed by Franklin J. Schaffner, which in 1970 won 8 Oscars. It represents Patton as a genius warrior and a strategist of an indispensable personality for the victory of the U.S. Army .

On Saturday 3, and Sunday, May 4, the Liberation Festival program will continue. On Saturday at the Great Hall of the House of Culture (Peklo) a discussion with World War II veterans and autograph session is held and in the afternoon the Convoy of 1945 Remembrance arrives at the Plaza. Already at 12 oclock a large cultural program in the Republic Square begins. There will be, among other bands, traditional Taxman , Castle Guard , songwriter Jimmy Bozeman known from the band Lazy Pigs, and Band of Jakeys. Also the Wrangler club jeeps and Harley Davidson Club motorcycles arrive at the Republic Square. The evening program at the square will decorated by Marta Kubišová.

An interesting moment will be the performance of the The Tap Tap band with Pilsen singer Jane Augustine . " The Tap Tap definitely belongs to the Liberation Festival because the band members do not let their handicap spoil their own freedom," says Jana Komišová .

On Sunday the Militaria Exchange will take place in Peklo and the Pilsen scouts shall present themselves behind the Plaza. The main point of Sunday's program will be the passage of historic military vehicles through Pilsen - Convoy of Liberty , which starts at 11 am from Sukova street and the square should be reached in about half past one. " Colony, which is watched by thousands of people every year, passes Klatovská Blv., Sady Pětatřicátníků, Tyršova and Roosevelt Streets to the Republic Square, and this year it will be commented on a public radio, " Denisa Krylová, the coordinator of the Liberty Festival, mentioned.


Musically cultural program on Sunday will offer swing , Scottish pipers and popular paratroopers who will land before four o'clock in the heart of Pilsen, on the Republic Square. It will be followed by The Second grass with Robert Christian and the evening performance of Orchestra Glenn Miller Tribute, which are annually enjoyed by veterans.

Another part of the Liberation Festival will be a number of side events and ceremonies . The commemorative meeting at the monument “Thank you, America ! “ will be held on Tuesday, May 6, at 16.30.

Visitors to the Festival of Liberty should also not forget to visit the Patton Memorial Pilsen in the cultural house Peklo with the thematic exhibition that offers a unique encounter with this part of history and that reveals personal belongings of U.S. troops with engaging commentary by expert guides Mr. Milan Jíša and Mr. Ivan Rollinger.