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The Will to Fight side exhibition

Since the beginning of May visitors can see a Liberation Festival side exhibition at the General Patton Museum entitled “The Will to Fight.”

Several thousand Czechoslovaks from throughout the country fought in Czechoslovak land-based military units in the West against Nazi Germany in World War II. They defended France in 1940, fought Rommel’s Afrikakorps in the deserts of northern Africa in 1941 through 1943, and participated in the siege of Dunkirk, France in 1944 through 1945. A handful of these soldiers came to western Bohemia in early May 1945 alongside General Patton’s men. The path to freedom for the subjugated nation was thousands of miles long, and at the end lay the city of Pilsen. The exhibition will be part of a commemoration ceremony on Husova Street on May 8, when a memorial dedicated to Czechoslovaks who took up arms, fought alongside the Allies, and perished on the western front will be unveilled. Visitors will also be able to view monument models created by students at the Zámeček Private School of Applied Arts.