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The winner of Liberate Pilsen will visit a U.S. Army base

This is the last chance high school students have to take part in the adventure game “Liberate Pilsen.” Teams must register by April 27 at

The prize for the winner is very exciting: the first-place team will get to visit the U.S. Army base in Grafenwoehr, Germany. There they will enjoy an exclusive tour of the Join Multinational Training Command (JMTC).

The Czech Armed Forces has been a regular co-organizer of the “Liberate Pilsen” competition. In the military part of the competition last year, students faced a number of traps that tested their speed, endurance, will and team spirit. They had to unload and reload humanitarian material, tow an unmovable vehicle, finish a rope course, throw a grenade at a target and cross a river on a raft. Forty-three teams signed up for the competition. Seven teams made it to the final, which took place at the Liberation Festival in Pilsen on May 7, 2011. As the grand prize, the members of the winning team, the Tomáš Garrique Masaryk Legion, got to visit the 21st Tactical Air Force Base in Čáslav.